Using Adobe Visual Communicator 3

hannahridesbike  Click on link to see the video.

I attended a district half-day information session/workshop on Adobe Visual Communicator 3 to which we received a 30-day trail.  It is up to individual schools in my district to purchase the software.  Afterwards I went home and used existing pictures and video to try it out.  It is fairly easy to use.  Much easier than Movie Maker and very professional looking. is a wonderful website to get you started with Communicator and what equipment to purchase and how to set it up.

The workshop presenter, district webmaster Mitch Wyatt,  also showed us Adobe Ultra (part of Creative Suite) which has virtual sets.  All you would need is a portable green screen or to paint a wall in the studio green, computer, and digital camera. 

Our school will be using Macs for video production/morning news show so I am interested in blending the two (if we purchase Visual Communicator).  I was unable to attend the Mac workshop training this summer so I am eager to see the differences/similarities. 



  1. carolyn Said,

    July 21, 2008@ 10:43 am      

    Looks good. Do you have a morning news program at school? Are you going to use Visual Communicator?

  2. Mary Haddon Said,

    July 21, 2008@ 11:24 am      

    I added more details to this post.

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