Will This Library Media Specialist Be An Extra in the Hunger Games Movie?

So, I went to the extras casting call in Fort Mill for the Hunger Games movie which will be filmed in North Carolina this summer.  They are looking for 1,000 adults and some children.   I took my daughter with me.  She may be too young to be called; I submitted for June and July.  The line was LONG but moved quickly.  They casting agent I spoke with asked if I was available to work anytime.  I said I was starting in June.  She wrote some info on the info sheet which I put in a bin for my age group.

I’ll keep you all updated if I am chosen.

Here is a  link from a Local News Channel that did a segment about the casting call.  At 1:34 you can see me in the background standing in line with my daughter.  I’m in a pink dress.

News Channel TV Link Video

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