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Shout out to EdTech 2008!

Can’t be there this year, so everyone have fun!

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Summary and Reflection on SCASL 2007

Thursday, 1st General session Alan November.  MySpace, Wikis, YouTube, etc.  The things educators are most afraid to use in schools, but these are the things kids want to use, and do use, so why aren’t educators embracing them?  He gave the analogy that made clear what we are doing:  say at the invention of paper that a student wrote […]

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Blogging Session as presented at SCASL 2007

Outline of Powerpoint: Why Blog? Why Podcast? Why Not! I am making this a seperate post for those who wish to place comments.  SCASL Blogs!  Blogging Guidelines and Resources Guidelines must be set by the teacher.  Discussions (language and topics) should remain appropriate for an educational setting.  Wikie of Library Blogs: Schools, Public, Special, Academic, Associations, Directors of […]

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Why Blog? Why Not! EdTech Presentation on October 6, 2006

I was certainly surprised at the number of attendees to the session today since the guru himself, David Warlick, spoke yesterday of blogging and podcasting. Thank you to Valerie, Brenda, and Mr. Lofton for adding their expertise to the session.  I think it went well, despite the projection screen mishaps! Here is the information that […]

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